A Designer's Tale

I was always interested in art, architecture, and design from a young age. My sister is an artist and my aunt is a stylist- they were my biggest influences early on. Around tenth grade in high school, I realized I wanted a career in the arts and thought I would love to be a stylist like my aunt. I went to school in Mississippi and majored in Interior Design and minored in Art, thinking I would use the tools I learned from these fields to apply to a career in styling. I fell in love with Interior Design and wanted to make it my career.

During my spring break before graduating, I came to Dallas and interviewed at several firms, landing with Emily Summers Design Associates, a top high-end residential design firm. I was there for eleven years and learned so much from Emily and the other talented designers I worked with. I was able to work on amazing projects and learn about truly bespoke design. I’d work from 8:30 am to and often stay until 8:30 pm, absorbing as much as I could as a young designer.

I learned about all the legendary 20th-century furniture designers- Prouve, Eames, Perriand, Nakashima, Van der Rohe, Wegner… there are so many greats. I also realized I have a special interest in Danish design. I love the smooth forms in beautiful woods, so commonly seen from Danish designers.

In 2015, I went to work as a contract designer for my previous firm and formed my company, Kristen Fegale Interiors. Through my work, I’ve realized curating these spaces- bringing the perfect trim selections together for a room, detailing butterfly joints on beds, and designing custom pieces of furniture, brings me joy and gives my clients something special and handcrafted in their homes. I feel it’s a privilege to be able to work so closely with my clients and build relationships with them. After project close, we are delighted to see how happy and appreciative our clients are and it makes all the hard work worth it.

Design is about the betterment of our lives poetically, aesthetically, experientially, sensorially, and emotionally. 



Caitlin is inspired to tailor designs to the interests and personality of the individuals who reside there.  She takes pride in creating spaces to enrich everyday life and provide an enjoyable environment for respite and entertaining. It's hard for her to choose her favorite part of the design process, as she enjoys the beginnings of design inspiration to the last stages of sourcing the perfect last layer.

Caitlin attended Louisiana State University, where she graduated with a degree in Interior Design. Since moving to Dallas, she has gained experience in residential interiors as an in-house designer for a design/build firm.  Caitlin lives in the Bishop Arts neighborhood of Dallas where she lives with her husband and two dogs. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, camping with family and friends, and caring for her many houseplants.


Caitlin Flanagin

Nicole is always up to the challenge of a new project and ensures everything comes together seamlessly. Design enables her to combine beautiful textures and shapes that make a room interesting and bring balance to the space. She’s skilled at creating beautiful layouts for our presentations and detailed drawings for the many custom furniture pieces we create. She enjoys the creativity and special attention to details that go into residential design.

Nicole graduated from Texas Tech University where she obtained her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Interior Design and Environmental Design. After designing for four years in the commercial and healthcare field, she joined KFI. Nicole lives in Rockwall, TX with her husband and their two Australian Shepherds. She spends most of her summer weekends on the lake boating and enjoying other lake activities. Nicole also enjoys gardening, painting, and home renovation projects.

Design MaNAGER


Nicole Bookhout

Kristen's passion for detail and client relationships are what drive her to create inviting and personalized spaces for our clients. She loves understanding a client's patterns of daily living- what functions for them, what calms them, and what stimulates them. Diving deep into sourcing unique and quality pieces, Kristen is inspired to use handmade materials and hand-crafted furnishings to develop spaces that nurture the soul. She feels a home should flow from room to room- but with a few surprises to make our client's spaces unique and interesting.

Kristen is a graduate of The University of Southern Mississippi, summa cum laude, with a degree in Interior Design. She has won several awards, including 1st Place for Historic Preservation from ASID Legacy of Design Awards and 1st Place in Commercial Design from the Dallas Paper City Design Awards. Kristen resides in Dallas, TX with her husband, two children, and mini-Goldendoodle. In her spare time, Kristen enjoys spending time with her family, studying design (yes, it’s true, she can’t get enough), listening to podcasts and audiobooks, and painting.

PRINCIPAL DESIGNER and Creative DiRector


Kristen Fegale

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